Updates! And new Apps!

Updates! And new apps!

I hate it when people note that they’ve been bad at posting on their blog. If anyone reads your blog with any regularity, they know that you fell off the wagon. No need to reiterate. So I won’t make a cliche comment about how I’ve been bad about posting lately 😛

I 💗 Solarized

Anyways, here’s a post about yet another app. My latest creation is called Solarized Cheat Sheet - a faster way to access Solarized color codes. In case you hadn’t noticed, I really really love Solarized! It’s hands down my favorite color scheme for things like editors, terminals, and of course, this website! Actually, one of the main reasons I wanted to transition to a made-from-scratch site was to be able to use Solarized colors to implement a dark mode for the site. Since I use these colors so much, I visit Ethan Schoonover’s site often to get the hex and RGB values for the color scheme. While I was working on another project, I realized that it would be great to have a color swatch for Solarized - a set of labelled samples of each of the colors. It was a short jump from there to my cheat sheet, which is just a grid of rectangles in the Solarized colors. When you hover over a color sample, it flips to reveal a group of buttons, one for each color code (hex, RGB, HSB, etc.). Click on the button, and that color code value gets copied to your clipboard! It’s super simple, but hopefully handy for people that want to use Solarized and want a quick visual reference.

Jahz Goes Political 🇺🇸

I’ve also been working on another app, this time with my good friend Allan Serna. It’s called purplepundit.co - a more balanced way to get up to date on the news. The site presents articles about various topics (illegal immigration, healthcare, and abortion, for instance), divided on each side of the screen by the political view of the news company that wrote them. The goal is to give users both sides of the story and allow them to draw their own conclusions from the intersection of both sides of the political spectrum (blue and red make… purple! 👾 💜). There’s still lots of kinks to iron out, but we’ve successfully deployed the app and are having a good time adding features! Any feedback about the app is welcome, just ping me on Twitter @jahz_v. The app is built with a React front end, and the articles come from News Api which we pass through our own simple Node API that sorts sources into conservative and liberal.

So there’s the catch up!