Weekly Update

Weekly Update #5

Another week, another dollar, amirite? In this week’s news…

I’m an npm author! 🎉🎊

That’s right! Ya boi has a real live npm package out there! It’s called newpost - a way to make GitHub Pages/Jekyll blog posts, faster. It was born from an extreme laziness (as all good software is) on my part - call me petty, but I hate adding in the front matter to these Markdown blog posts. I also cannot remember for the life of me what the ISO 8601 date format looks like, which you have to use when naming your post files for GH Pages/Jekyll. I realized that I could automate blog post creation pretty easily, and thus a revolutionary idea was born! This post was actually created using newpost, FYI. I’m super excited to have my own npm package out there, and would love if you would take a look! I’ll be adding some more features soon, but I really wanted to get the tool out there tonight, mostly for the motiviation boost. It’s crazy, but for some reason making code I’ve been working on public gives me a huge rush! It was awesome to install newpost from npm in my website directory, use it to create this post, and know that around the world anyone could do the exact same thing. Check it out and leave me feedback if you also use GitHub Pages or Jekyll for blogging!