Weekly Update

Go! And Resumic! 💻

I’m learning a new language! Normally I wouldn’t start learning a new language on top of all the other stuff I’m working on, but there’s a project that I’m really keen on helping out with that uses Golang. It’s called Resumic (or Schema? Not 100% sure yet), and it’s a revamp of the JSONResume project that I talked about last week! This is a relatively new and underground project, so I’m excited to get in on the ground floor and start making contributions! I firmly believe every developer should use JSON and open source tools to maintain their resumes - why pay for something that can be done so easily for free? Plus, using data standards means that it’s easy to get your resume in any format you can dream of. So far, Go seems to be as good as I’ve heard. Some syntax features are kinda weird, and the file structure is strangely specific, but I’m sure that I’ll get used to those with time.

JSConf US ✈️🗣

In other news, I submitted my scholarship application to JSConf US today! I’m looking forward to hearing back from them and hopefully getting a helping hand to the conference. I’ve been looking for opportunities to get to a good developer conference for some time, and JSConf is the ultimate JavaScript conference, so I’d be extremely happy to get in. I’m also considering going to Dinosaur.js if JSConf doesn’t pan out. Any thoughts on which one to pick?